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...And They Never Heard Me Sing
    a memoir    
Jack Merlis

The experience of being brought up in Depression-era Brooklyn by deaf parents who struggled to make ends meet is the focus of this recent memoir by noted cantor and educator Jack Merlis. Through cleverly written anecdotes, both laughable and melancholic, Merlis intimately chronicles his life growing up on the streets of 1930s' Williamsburg, attending its public schools, graduating from college, and attaining a leadership position within the New York City school system during the now-defunct merit system . Offering a unique window into the world of the deaf, Merlis' rags-to-riches story glimmers when compared to that of other first-generation Americans. His uplifting autobiography describes life in the back of his grandfather's butcher shop, journeys via trolley through Brooklyn and surrounding areas, and his love of music, a passion which eventually leads him to become one of New York's most beloved and acclaimed cantorial artists of his day. The book is illustrated with many photographs, 127 pages.

Softcover: $16.99