Empire Boulevard looking east from Flatbush Avenue; Ebbets Field on far left, 1947

Neighborhood borders map for Flatbush

Nostrand Avenue looking north from Empire Boulevard, 1947

Flatbush Avenue looking north at Church Avenue, 1912

Cortelyou Road, looking east from Coney Island Avenue, 1915. Avenue C trolley seen at its terminal

Flatbush Avenue looking south at Caton Avenue, 1945

Coney Island Avenue looking north to Leader Theater, past Newkirk Avenue, 1946

Looking east on Church Avenue to Nostrand Avenue, 1948

Flatbush Avenue looking south to Martense Street; Dutch Reformed Church in right background

Cortelyou Road looking east to Stratford Road

Flatbush Avenue south to Church Avenue, Garfield's Cafeteria 1953

Loew's Kings Theater, 1950. We have ALL other Flatbush area theaters

Modern architecture comes to Flatbush: Macy's Flatbush at Flatbush and Tilden Avenues, 1948

Flatbush Avenue south at Church Avenue, 1914

Flatbush Avenue at Empire Boulevard, looking southeast. Bond Bakery, 1941

Malbone Street Wreck, renamed Empire Blvd, worst rapid transit wreck in world for 80+ years, 1918

Ocean Avenue, looking north from Newkirk Avenue, 1905

Flatbush Ave. s. to Church Ave., Garfield's, Erasmus Hall HS on left, Dutch Reformed Church on right

Looking north to Flatbush Avenue and Cortelyou Road, 1926

Northwest corner Nostrand Avenue and Empire Boulevard at fringes of Pigtown, 1940

Ocean Avenue, looking north from Parkside Avenue, Prospect Park on left, 1940







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