Passengers wait for the doors to open on a "Redbird" train at Borough Hall station, c.1970

Reading the Journal American on the IRT, c.1960

C-type train waits for passengers on the BMT Fulton Street Line, c.1950

"Shools Out," Students watch the photographer on a retreating work train, c.1970

BMT "Standard" car waits its time at Union Square on the BMT Broadway Line, c.1960

Returning from a shopping trip on the IRT, c.1960

Snuggle on the IRT, c.1955

Morning rush, c.1955

Out of the rain and up the stairs, c.1955

Rush hour on an IND R-1/9 car, c.1960

Young marines going home, c.1970

Inside a C-type wooden elevated car on the BMT Fulton Street el, c.1955

Myrtle Avenue L platform crossing over Broadway L in Brooklyn before 1914 reconstruction

Looking east from Myrtle Avenue on Broadway Brooklyn L in 1913

North side of Broadway with L, showing where stores will be demolished for train connection, 1913

"BU" 1300 series elevated cars on fan trip, seen at junction of Broadway and Myrtle elevateds, 1956

Brighton Beach and LIRR Manhattan Beach elevated structure at Kings Highway when new, 1908

Looking across Atlantic Avenue LIRR station toward street where new Canarsie el is to be built, 1916

Spindly structure of the Sea View RR spanning Ocean Parkway, 1900. Torn down soon after.

Beneath Broadway Brooklyn El prior to rebuilding, 1911

Inside IRT Lo-V subway car, 1950s. Probable publicity shot







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